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About us

CyclingSupport is a young and dynamic company that developed under the wings of the West Flanders metal construction company Naessens Antoin and Sons since 2010. CyclingSupport grew from a huge passion for sport and especially for cycling.

Our company specializes in the rental of neutral vehicles, follow cars for events or for private occasions. We also produce and sell custom made bike carriers. Recently, we have expanded our product range including:

sports management of athletes and / or events, professional training guidance (top) athletes, we give service to persons and services related to cycling, production of 'customize' bike racks (as desired by the customer) rental of furnished luxury Mercedes Sprinter (9 persons 8 + bikes), driver and VIP transport for sporting events

At CyclingSupport we constantly examine what our customers desire and what their challenges are, so we can provide added value for the customer providing the best and most innovative solutions We would like to give that little 'extra' to our customers so that they do not have to worry about the course of their organization. You instruct us with a mission. We will find the potential problems, pitfalls or shortcomings and we will see where we can be of service. We are happy to help! Team CyclingSupport

Cyclingsupport bike vans

Op zoek naar de ideale wagen voor uw fietsvakantie? CyclingSupport vult een nieuwe behoefte in
voor de fietsliefhebber, wielertoerist, Ventourist... de CyclingSupport fietsbusjes

Cycling van standard model

This model offers space for 9 people and 8 racing bicycles. The bike bus is a success for the proud Ventourist or Stelvio climber but does just as well with other cycling holidays. The ease with which you place the bikes on the bike rack and then fully back to slide in the car is the biggest asset of this bus. Your bikes will be safe and dry inside the car without sacrificing comfort. the luggage compartment is located under the bike and is also in-and-pull. The model is suitable for all conditions and defies the highest mountains. The driver of this van does not need special license B is sufficient. This embodiment also consists in a vending machine, and with or without a trailer.

Cycling van extended model

Those looking for a bike van with EXTRA space for luggage will surely be satisfied with this model. The extended (and increased) model is half a meter longer than the standard model and provides additional cargo between the bicycle rack and the rear seat row. Furthermore, this bus luxuriously furnished and equipped with a solid engine (even better than the standard model). Outside all the default options this extended model is further equipped with an automatic gearbox, rear view camera and a tow bar. The number of bicycles and persons who may in the van is here 9 persons and 8 racing bicycles.

Cycling van for 6 persons and 5 bicycles

Cylingsupport also features a mini bus that can accommodate 6 people and 5 bikes. Your luggage can find a space in between and behind the bicycle rack. This minibus is again equipped with every comfort and is equipped with an automatic gearbox, GPS, air conditioning, cruise control and a tow bar.



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